Tall Pole Dancer in 10 Inch Heels



Custom Clip: It was a long day and when Gia arrives at home, she puts off her shoes
takes a drink and starts doing her pole exercises.
Then she walks to the door and asks herself if her ceiling is high enough for pole dancing in her highest heels
She decides to measure the doorway and height of the ceiling.
Can she reach the ceiling barefooted? In her highest heels it’s so easy
She starts measuring, the doorway is easy. For the ceiling she needs a chair.
When all is measured and done, she stands with her back to the door, stretches her arms and tries to reach the ceiling
then she stands on her toes to reach the ceiling. Her reach is almost 8 feet!
After that she puts on her high heels to figure out how easy this is in heels.
And the pole dancing? Is she too tall for pole dancing in high heels?
We soon will know!!