Gia Confronts Her Boyfriends Mistress



Custom Clip:
I’d like to see a scenario where you confront Jeanette angry because you heard she was messing with your boyfriend.

Starting with her sitting and you standing (ideally barefoot and wearing bathing suits)accusing her and telling her that your going to crush her. Jeanette then stands up right in your face towering over you, telling you to go ahead and try.

You start by a face to face bearhug. Telling her that you’re going to crush her. You give it your all, thrusting, grunting etc. Jeanette clearly isn’t phased and she tells you that your Amazon body is just not big enough to do anything to hers.

You’re starting to realize how huge she is but proceed to walk her into a corner face out. You turn around and start slamming your giant frame into hers, ramming your ass and body into her pressing her into the corner as hard as your can. After multiple attempts you give up.

Jeanette then your into the same corner and proceeds to do the same to you. ( If the camera can get good shots of your body being smooshed under hers, close ups and panning that’d be awesome). Despite being in pain You tell her that you’re a giant Amazon and you won’t be crushed because you’re too big and NO ONE can smoosh you. Jeanette disagrees and now REALLY puts her max pressure in you causing you to moan in pain.

After Jeanette pulls your weakened body into a standing face to face bearhug lifting your off the ground legs dangling, you’re completely in awe of how your huge body is being crushed and lifted so easily. Ultimately you beg her to stop realizing that even though you’re a giant girl you’re still no match for Jeanette.