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Your Exes Get Crushed

Your Exes Get Crushed


Custom Clip: You walk in looking for your now ex’s Tiny shrunken girlfriends. You call out to them Stella, Roxy where are you come out so I can stomp on you. You see them hiding under a pile of clothes on the floor. You say how you see them they don’t come out so you stomp the pile of clothes commenting on how you feel them squashing beneath your bare-feet. Then you are looking for the last one Bella. You see Bella is hiding under a blanket on your couch. You laugh talk about that is such a bad spot to hide. Then you sit on the blanket commenting on how you feel her wiggling to get free. Then you look at the camera and say oh hi there I’m breaking up with you. You then tell the camera how you stomped Stella and Roxy under your huge feet as you show your feet to the camera. And then finish by saying I bet your looking for Bella well I’m sitting on her, that’s right I stomped your girls and I sat on your Bella and squashed her.

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Length: 9 minutes

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