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Big Booty Face Sitting Knockout

Big Booty Face Sitting Knockout


Gia tells Timothy that she has gained some weight as she is sitting on his chest. 227lbs to be exact, then she sits on her face until he turns purple. Timothy struggles and she lifts up just for a second as he gasps for air, and sits back down. She turns around and lays reverse shaking her big booty in his face teasing him before she sits back on his face and punches his belly so he has no more air making him struggle beneath her. he struggles as she lifts up just for a second than sits on him making him struggle and panic. She sits down deep Gia turns around and sits on his face and bounces holding his arms as he moans. Gia reverse sits on him, Timothy begs for mercy but Gia sits heavy on his face face smothering his face and knocking him out beneath her big booty.

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Length: 11 minutes

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