We Gonna Party All Night



Clips starts with you coming home from the gym with your sneakers and white tube socks on. You sit down & take off your sneakers and rest your feet for abit… you then hear something and you look on the floor and see a tiny man near your pink slippers! You ask him what is he doing here and you decided to crush him with your socks. You tell him to rub your feet but he refuses to do that… so you have an idea to punish him. You pick him up and tell him ‘I’m going to put you in my stinky slipper with my gym socks on and dance around the house with you in it’ you throw him in and put your slippers on and decided to dance around the house while smacking & crushing him while you’re enjoying yourself singing and dancing for a few minutes. You then stop for abit and ask him how he’s doing… he says he hates it but you keep on dancing getting your feet sweater. You then start to jog on the spot and saying ‘you’re helping me get a good workout!’ You then sit down and cross your legs dangling the slippers how he did. You laugh and stomp your slippers down and keep dancing and the clips ends with you saying ‘we’re going to party all night so enjoy my stinky gym socks & slippers!’