Stomach Sitting My Slave Until He Faints



Goddess Gia has decided to amuse herself today by sitting on her slaves stomach until he goes to rest. Her 220 lbs bear down on him as she sits on him like a human sofa, with his legs up so she can rest her back and relax as she crushes him into the mattress. She also uses his face as a foot stool before sitting cross legged across his chest as he sinks deeper and deeper into the mattress. Hi tiny form disappears beneath her full weight and she amuses herself by playing with his nipples and verbally humiliating him for his frail little body. Not content with slowly but surely flattening him, she then decides to speed up the process by bouncing up and down on him, sinking lower and lower into the mattress. She mercilessly pumps all the air out of his lungs with every bounce. The slave is in great pain but he is grateful for the opportunity to serve as her chair. She finally proceeds to sit upright on his chest, cross legged and1` staring down at him until he faints beneath her.