My Sweat Slave



Custom Clip:

I sit minding my own business, into the room stomps my colossal wife. She tells me not to freak out, she’s now grown into a big, strong giantess. Her workout clothes shrank into booty shorts and a sports bra. She knows I’m scared and tries to console me, giving me giant kisses, rubbing me along her body. At one point she almost steps on me. She talks about how great things will be now that she’s so massive. She does some flexing, teasing me, stomping around me. Finally she gives a cum countdown, picks me up, and takes me work out, telling me to keep my mouth open and catch the sweat that drips off your body. You would occasionally put your feet in my face telling me to smell and lick the sweat off. The video would end with a nice tour of your sweaty body, tell me to smell and lick your ass clean, then have one last close up of your mouth telling me to thank you for the honour of licking your feet and sweat, then spit in my mouth one last time before you kick me out.