Micro Bro Birthday Present




Wear your alien onesie, use your pink slides, bear slippers & white crew socks.

It’s your little brothers birthday & you run into the room having just woken up from a nap after the gym wearing your socks and pink slides…. You see your brother on the table and say ‘it’s your birthday little bro!!’ You’re excited to give him his birthday present & throw him a party! You walk up and down and you say ‘apologies if my socks smell is stinking up the room I’ve just had a long workout you know, but that’s okay you’ll get used to it’ and do an evil laugh

You sit back down and pick up your brother.. you tell him if he wants his present…. He says yes. So you say ‘well I know how much you love my socks…… so here you go!’ put him on the floor and give him a sock sandwich by squishing him between your soles. You tell him to run and smell your socks for a few moments. You see him complain about he smell and the sweat and this doesn’t make you happy…. ‘Why are you complaining? You should be greatful and appreciate the smell!’ You throw him into your slides and start to stomp around for abit to make him appreciate the smell! Afterwards you take him out, and put him on the glass table.

You tower over him and you see him get a hard on… “aww is that a hard on?! Omg you are starting to learn! But it’s too late.” You crush & tap him under your soles saying “fee fi fo fum always appreciate your big sister! Pucker up little bro” and do this for a few moments before you stop and you want to start the birthday party!

‘It’s time to party but before we do, you’re going to lick my sweaty soles….’ You rub him up and down before placing him inside your slides and you put them on and start to stomp & dance! Few moments you remembered it’s better if you dance in your bear slippers…. So you stop dancing, get your bear slippers put your brother inside them and continue to dance and stomp some more without a care in the world.

Finally you stop for a breather and decide to sit down. You ask your brother if he enjoyed that and he says no…. You take him
out to see he has cummed all over your slippers which says he did enjoy it and you don’t wanna stop! “My socks and slippers are the best birthday present you’re going to get!!” You decide it’s time for his dinner so you put back your bear slippers and say “well it’s time to go out for your birthday dinner little bro!” And stomp off.