Gia’s Shrunken Classmate



Custom Clip:
Wear grey sweatpants, same white crew socks, your old pink slippers (not the bunny ones!) and bear slippers!

Walk in the house wearing your old pink slippers having just returned from teaching a gym lesson. You sit in the sofa and rest your socked feet still in slippers on a glass table and saying how one rude boy was disbursing the whole class and you wish you could get him back. You take off your slippers after a few mins and immediately notice how stinky they are. You felt something in your slippers the whole time and you decide to look inside if. You look and you find the rude boy has shrunken himself into your slippers and you laugh and say “well well it’s the rude stupid boy….. you wanna say that comment you said in class again?” And you laugh. You tell him since he decided to be rude, you’re going to punish him big time. You out him back into your slippers and put them on and stomp around the room telling him “I’m going to get you used to my stinky socks little boy!” And you do for a few moments before sitting down & taking him out out. You decide you want a foot rub so you cross your feet on the glass table and you tell him to rub your stinky soles.

You feel him doing it but you aren’t satisfied and tell him to do it harder… when he does you don’t feel anything different! So you pick him up wan put him toward your face and you say “do a better job or else..” and he refuses to do it. So you decide to punish him. You place him laying on his back on the glass table, stand up as you hover over him and lift your soles over him and say “gonna rub them?” He said no and you crush and press him into the glass table for a few minutes. Getting him to worship your stinky socks feet and you don’t care if he is crying about it, you’re going to teach him never to be rude to goddess Gia ever again! And you continue to do it. Afterwards you place him on the ground and stomp on him and walk up and down with him under your socks and you decide you needs to workout since you don’t get to do that…

You see your bear slippers and walk to them. Take him off your soles and say “well bitch you’re going to go in here…. I’m going to dance around with you in here and I want you to pull you sock out and jerk that tiny cock of yours and I don’t care if you don’t enjoy it… you’ll cum when I tell you to!

Pit him in and start to dance around the room stomping your feet really fast to get them even sweaty and stinker for him. He said he doesn’t wanna jerk off but you don’t care and you continue to dance some more while he does it! After a few minutes you sit back down on the sofa & rest your feet still in your bear slippers on the glass table while he is still jerking off and you give him the count down…. when you get to 1 you say “CUM FOR ME BITCH!” And feel it and you laugh at how stupid he is. You take him out and say “seems like you did enjoy my stinky socks aye….” well I’m not done with you for a while!” You tell him to lick it all off your soles & then pit him back in your bear slippers and the clip ends with you walking up and down the room then skipping off saying “well off to my next gym class… better enjoy my socks getting even stinker and sweater!”