Giantess Gia Snacks On Tiny Men



Custom Clip:
First measure your hands from wrist to tip of middle finger with a ruler then use the tiniest plastic people you can find. Have 10 of them in the palm of your hand showing your palm and your face, as I have a hand fetish. Then show a close up of them in your palm. Say how tasty they look and put your face up to them in your palm and open your mouth wide and stick out your tongue. Then pick of them up and place the tiny person on your tongue. Then say the person taste good. Then open your mouth again with the tiny person on your tongue. Then swallow the person whole. Then open your mouth stick out your tongue and show the others that the person is gone. Then say that you swallowed them whole. Repeat this process with the next four people. At the end say they were good and rub your stomach. Feel free to add any dialog or any tricks with the tiny person in your mouth or on your tongue. Just pretend to swallow them of course. Show lots of close up shots of the tiny people in your palm as I have a hand fetish.