Giant Gia Belly Sitting On Tiny Texie



Custom Clip:
Gia and Texie are in a room where a gymnastic mat is. Texie is standing up on the mat, doing fitness exercises.
Gia comes and asks Texie to free the mat for her. Texie refuses. Then Gia comes closer to Texie. When the 2 women
face each other, the size disparity is enormous.
Gia says : ” I’m going to teach you a lesson. Lay down on your back to the mat.Obey ! Lay down to the mat !”
Texie does, then Gia gets off her shoes and comes on the mat standing astride Texie and sits down on her stomach.
It is not a full weight sitting .Just a classical schoolgirl pin-stomach sitting pin down. Gia looks down Texie’s face, flexed legs, her knees touching floor beyond Texie’s shoulders, her feet close to her buttocks.
This way is riskless for Texie because Gia can control the weight she puts down on Texie and apply just the pressure Texie can stand. Gia’s buttocks just must be firmly enough in touch with Texie’s belly.
No reverse sitting, no sitting on face, thighs, throat, chest, sex. Only on stomach / belly. Gia never pins down Texie’s arms.
Gia says :” At last, I can fulfil my fantasy. I’m going to sit on you during hours “.
Till the end, Gia does not unsit, does not leave this position . She enjoys the ride, plays with Texie’s nose, braids, tits…
Texie moans, acting great suffering.