Gia VS Maverick Belly Punching



Custom Clip: The idea is that the cocky giantess want to bellypunch a poor little girl.
As we say the match is up to you but i’d like a couple of situations:
You are sure to win, so you want to give her an advantage. You invite her to punch your stronger belly.
At the beginning you laugh and trash talk to her but soon you have to clench the teeth, then start to suffer, moaning and grimace of pain.

And another scene:
You place an hand over her head so she can’t reach you with her shorter arms. Again you laugh and trash talk. And again you underestimate the little girl.
You also yawn, but bend a little your arm so she manage to punch you in the tummy. It’s a big surprise.
You squeal, clutch your belly and bend over.

Then maybe the girl is too quick for the big giantess and towards the end you are so fatigued that you can’t even raise your arms and stagger on your feet.

I’d like you to wear a little bikini/thong and silver boots if possible.

I’d like trash talking and ouch, argh and off sounds. Grimaces of pain and somestimes admit the pain like “you are not so bad”
“My belly is start to hurt”…