Gia the Giant VS Jeanette Size Bearhug Match



Custom Clip:

Gia and Jeanette face each other and Gia tells her that she has been looking forward to making her submit with a Bearhug. Jeanette says she is way too big and strong to submit to Gia.

Gia begins to Bearhug Jeanette looking up at Jeanette the entire time. Jeanette is surprised by Gia’s strength and begins to weaken.

Gia continues to Bearhug Jeanette looking up at her taunting her. Eventually the two drop to their knees as Jeanette gets weaker. Gia laughs and tells her she is going to submit along with other taunts.

Suddenly Jeanette her arms under Gia’s and brings her up to a standing position. Jeanette then turns Gia around with Gia facing a wall and a Jeanette begins pressing Gia against the wall with her full body taunting Gia about how much bigger she is and telling Gia to look at how much bigger her legs are.

Jeanette then spins Gia around and puts her in a Bearhug. Jeanette squeezes and lifts Gia in the Bearhug while taunting her and asking her to submit as she lifts Gia periodically.

Jeanette continues lifting Gia in the Bearhug. Jeanette returns Gia to her feet and tells Gia she is going to finish her. Jeanette lifts Gia one last time and eventually Gia’s legs fall and dangle. Jeanette says Gia is out, and claims victory.