Gia and Jeanette Tall Girl Measurements



Custom Clip: When Gia opens the door, there’s her tall friend Jeanette, long time no see, who come to take her measurement because she needs new clothing and Gia is able to help her with clothing for tall women.
Gia’s wearing her highest heels, so she’s taller than Jeanette and wants to compare with her.
The tall friends compare their height by going back to back to see who is the tallest.
Then Jeanette’s wondering how tall her friend is. Gia’s showing her measurements tape and asks Jeanette to take her measurements while she will stand in her towering heels.
Jeanette starts measuring her friend: the inseam, legs, and at last her body-height.
After taking the measures of Gia, it’s Jeanette’s turn.
Jeanette putting on her stiletto heels, now she is towering over her friend. Gia’s barefooted
Jeanette has to be measured: inseam, legs, and at last her body-height
The girlfriends are so enthusiastic about their sizes and curves.
In order to see everything well, Gia grabs a chair/poof to determine the exact length of Jeanette.
When everything is done, they’re comparing with the doorway, with their back at the door.
After all is said and done they leave the room, in their high heels they have to duck under the doorway