Cum For Your Giantess Wife



Custom: Your wife Gia has just returned home. She comes stomping into the room wearing a bathrobe, she’s HUGE now. A smile on her face, she asks you if you got a ticket to the gunn show? With that, she removes her bathrobe revealing a bikini, and flexes her biceps. She poses like a bodybuilder, grunting, talking about how strong she is now and how she wants to get even bigger. She tells you things are about to be different from now on, she’s large and in charge. You try to run away but she is far too big and strong. She catches you and gives you a giant kiss and calls you her little dolly. She orders you to start pleasuring yourself to her and worshipping her muscles and her giant body. She sets you back down and begins flexing again, striking different poses, teasing you. She begins a countdown as she flexes. Once you climax, she tells you to clean up and feed her, she has a BIG appetite now.


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