Butt Drops On My Therapist



Goddess Gia has been having anger management issues. She visits her therapist, who has the nerve to suggest that she needs to be put on medication! Gia has a better idea.. She drags her therapist over to the couch and lays her down in her place. She then proceeds to climb on top of her and uses her therapist to get some actual emotional release for her anger, by taking it out on her! She sits on her chest and stomach with her full amazonian weight and bounces up and down on her, crushing any notion of putting her on meds out of the therapists head. She sits on her and crushes her in various positions. We then switch to a glorious POV shot of Goddess Gia’s voluptuous butt descending on the therapist as she pounds the remaining life out of her and leaves her begging for an ambulance.