Big Step-Mom Challenges Step-Son to a Wrestling Match



College step-son is watching UFC on TV hogging up the living room while Step-Mommy Gia walks in demanding to watch her reality TV show that is starting now. College douchebag won’t let her watch TV because he is so invested in his fight, but Gia just wants to relax after her long day of laundry and tries to grab the converter and push her step-son off the couch. He won’t budge and calls Gia weak! Gia has an offer! She challenges her step-son to a wrestling match, the winner gets to watch their show and the loser has to do the others laundry for a month! Her cocky step-son agrees. They start standing and Gia throws him down on the mats and goes into scissorhold, side scissor, camel clutch and then pins him on the mats the whole time teasing him that he is getting beat up by his step-mom. Every time he protests Gia covers his mouth,Gia declares Victory. She then has her step-son sit in a chair in front of the TV and ties him up with duct tape over his mouth and lays on the couch to watch her show. Then she pours her laundry basket over his head and teases him some more for losing to his step-mom.