Bear Hugging Mikey



‘Hey Shorty’, Goddess Gia greets Mikey unironcially as she compares his tiny frame with her own towering stature. She compares height and size with his comparatively tiny body parts and asks if he can lift her, which he then makes a vain attempt at. Mikey soon proceeds to find out he is in a spot of trouble as Goddess Gia informs him that she plans on squeezing him to rest. She bear hugs him, lifting him up in the air as his tiny legs flail away mid-air. ‘I kinda like picking on you’, Goddess Gia says as she smothers him between her breasts, makes him smell her divine butt and gets him in a headlock. It’s clear to see that Goddess Gia enjoys what she does and she laughs wickedly before she squeezes the final grunt and groans out of Mikey before he goes to rest, collapsing in a frail heap to the floor.