After School Foot Detention



Custom clip: A skilled karate teacher, suspects a student has a crush
on them and decides to indulge themselves.

You are a powerful martial artist of some renown. You’ve called your student in
to stay after class to try an exercise. You’ve heard that about a possible crush
and that they may have a foot fetish. What they don’t know, is that you revel
in combat, seeing your bare hands and feet crash into the body of an opponent. It’s
a thrill and a turn on to your fighting spirit.

You tell me to relax, and that if I just keep an open mind, and do as you say,
things will go so much smoother.

You take a fighting stance and smile, telling me I should understand that
you are a d3adly fighter with your bare hands and feet – as you unleash
a kick at the camera with a “Haii-yah!”

You proceed to gleefully attach me, showing a few kicks sometimes
holding your foot up and commanding me to kiss it after a blow. reminding me
of your serious karate skills until you send me to the ground with a karate chop.

Sitting in front of me you trace your feet across my face, telling me to kiss
them, giving a gentle kick every now and then. Still sitting you slowly
demonstrate a few kicks so that I can see your foot coming towards me
before light impact – teasing me with the damage you could do if you used your
full power. Luckily, you think I’ve done well, and as you thought, enjoyed the
your demonstration. Blowing a kiss you remark
“Thank you for helping me out after class, it was very thoughtful. I better see
you back here tomorrow”