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POV Beatdown

POV Beatdown


You show up for your session with Giantess Goddess Gia after talking a big game online and she is surprised to see how small you are in real life. Well it looks like you’ve made a big mistake because you’ve pissed her off and now you’re going to pay for it. She plows into you with slaps and punches, knocking you around before following up with barefooted kicks to the face. She laughs and makes fun of how small you are as you stumble around, stunned by the power of her attack. She grabs you by the neck and chokes you and you woozily fall on the ground. She stands over you, towering over you with her size 13 feet before stomping you in the face, slapping, punching and butt dropping on you. She continues to toy with you. Picking you up, throwing you across the room and even headbutting you back down to the ground, defeated. She victory poses with her foot on your chest and tells you that she’ll hide you under her couch, turn you into her little rug just like you deserve.

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Length: 9 minutes

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