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Stop Staring At My Feet Loser

Stop Staring At My Feet Loser


Gia is just trying to enjoy her peace vaping and playing on her phone. She doesn’t know that your there creeping on her, she’s totally ignoring you. You walk up to her and start rubbing your cock. She is disgusted and what a weirdo, pindick loser you are and laughs at you for getting off on her feet. only losers het off on dirt big feet! She takes a picture of you and sends it to her friend and they both laugh at how much of a weirdo you are. Gia has you wrapped around her finger. You will do anything for a chance to see her beautiful feet! She orders you to screw off and go get her, her lunch. She laughs at you and jokes that you are her new .

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Length: 7 Minutes

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