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Cock Crusher

Cock Crusher


Hi, the previous clip your provided me was so brutal and sexy that I would like to request another one 🙂 But this time, I would like to see your long toes at work. The idea of the clip would be essentially the same : i’d like you to make a clip featuring (and focusing on) your toes having their way with a dildo’s head very brutally (like mashing the lift out of it, as if your toes were trying to rip it off by repeatedly chewing on it to ), while talking about the horribly strong toes you have : mentionning feats of super strength like in my previous request : that you are able to tear your shoes appart just by wiggling your toes inside of them, that when you get angry, you scrunch your toes so hard on the ground that they leave deep grooves in it, even if you are standing on tiles or concrete floor. You could also tell that you’ve already been so angry angainst a man, that you gripped his face with your foot and started to scrunch you toes really hard, making some bone breaking noise, until his head totally exploded. All that dirty talk would be accompanied with several squeezes and mashing motion of your toes on the dildo’s head and with some threatening over your fictional partner saying that you could reduce all his bones and cock to a mess just by wiggling your toes over it. Feel free to add other toes and feet super strength ideas in the script 🙂

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Length: 6 Minutes

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